There are many facility companies in Montenegro. However, there is only one keeping the pace with international trends and offering a wide scope of services in one place.

We are proud to admit we are pioneers in what we do. Not only we are first in a professional approach to all aspects of facility management of residential buildings and commercial spaces, but we are adjusting our work to every individual request. We adjust to your wishes and demands and more importantly: we hear you.

Using innovative solutions, international know -how and skills of our professional teams, lots of dedication and good energy, we are giving our best , while applying new standards, to take your life quality to a whole new level!

That is why some of the most successful construction companies and the majority of tenant assemblies  in our capital entrusted the building facility management to us.
Akvila  Facilities Management  teams employ best practices and international know-how from this field so as to maintain the delivery of superior services.

Don't expect us to act like a contracted party. Expect us to act like a neighbor, like a  friend, since we are channeling our expertise in not only professional but dedicated and personalized, local service.  Expect us to act as an extension of your life and business organisation with an ultimate goal to add value to your property.

We will not work For you. We will work With you. And that makes the whole difference.