We think outside of the box: Partner network and personalized services.

We think outside of the box: Partner network and personalized services.

When we in Akvila say: personalized service, we do not imply just: carefully listening to your wishes in order to carry out those activities from the niche of our work.

As we grew and developed, we took into consideration your specific needs outside of these frameworks. Our goal was to create a wide, unique and unified offer at one place and this is something which makes Akvila especially distinguished from colleagues.

In this regard, this novelty in our offer will be especially pleasing to you: if one needs urgent repairs in the apartment, the services of creating a marketing or a design plan, geodesic consulting, services of economists, lawyers, advice from the bankers – we have a solution. Moreover, if you need home help, a babysitter, or perhaps there is a hard-to-reach machine part for all  car-loving personalities among you, you can lean back and relax – this is completely feasible for us. And yes, it is the part of what we do.

Through our work, we have carefully built a network of partners so that you can take advantage of the contracts, and benefit from living in buildings managed by Akvila.

Why wouldn’t you buy at discounted prices, or have the child care provided? Why not grab a chance , improve and simplify life? It is important to know that Our partners are Your partners and that our  network continuously grow. With regards to that, feel free to send us suggestions regarding potential new partners.