Our company primarily deals with the management of facilities, and the closest definition to the above would be the ability to manage all aspects related to an object in order to preserve and maintain it. It also implies continuous work on raising its value. Akvila is „the first among the equals“ in its work, since this work is characterized by different, more modern approaches and methodologies, transparency, detail -oriented attitude, multitasking and personalized service.

The Akvila team consists of professionals from a wide variety of industries. This is people of bright spirit and a positive attitude towards life, united with the same goal of improving our common living and working environment. They are taking into account the big picture, while taking on a whole range of detailed, individual services: emergency interventions and repairs, inspection and control of equipment, inspection of installations such as lightning and electrical installations, building insulation, providing and controlling extinguishers, checking chimneys, and similar In addition, they deal with a wide range of services in the fields of law, economics and finance, administration, architecture, design and real estate. Yes, we thought about everything. Taking into account our goals and the way we work, we may say that Akvila has a modern approach to management of buildings, a desire for a radical improvement when it comes to living and working environment and quality of life itself.

Nonetheless, Akvila continuously works and contribute to the raising awareness of the housing culture.