Don’t worry – we are well aware that one size doesn’t fit all of us. This is why we function by the custom-made program, which is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. In order to successfully provide a wide scope of services in an individually  adjusted way, we have professional administrative and legal team dealing with a wide spectrum of tasks and services. Our legal team will spare you from painstaking visits to local law offices. Our legal and administrative teams do it promptly and efficiently. They speak with you, they jot down, they work it out.

We collect minutes on each assembly while providing all accompanying documentation for each separate case. As a result:

  1. Every building has its personalized file with necessary data.
  2. Every building has its own account number.
  3. Every person gets her/his relevant paperwork
  4. Advances get collected individually.
  5. Monthly reports with all alerts and news are on the boards and on our portal.

Everything we imagine, do and anticipate is completely in regulatory and legal compliance with actual laws. Of course, You are always kept in the loop: Every single activity is being reported to You as our client.