During the outsourcing of various types of third parties, you got the picture you just lost control over everything: time, planning, quality, consistency and price of service? We can hear you.

With our team at your side, there will be no room for confusion.

First of all, you will have prioritizing and time management incorporated in given service,then everything else.

If you would ask us for a resume, it would look like this :

  • Organized:Defining priorities, time management, structuring obligations and tasks
  • Highly skilled: well trained team, whereas we continuously invest in new trainings
  • Problem solving: financial management in case of lack of means
  • Stress management: Various types of last minute repair works i.e. roofs
  •  Proactivity: Building elevators and all others potential upgrades of living and working areas
  • Teamwork: facade works and reconstructions
  • Friendly approach: listen to every single, individual request
  • Seamless delivery , smooth handover!
  • Our additional skills are: Interior design as well as  renting of properties  and consulting over real estate sell and buy.

We have elaborated databases of properties and skilled professionals at your disposal for these specific needs too

Interior design is our bonus skill.

We are well aware that  turnover and overall success of the business are affected by  one seemingly small detail: the design and upkeep of our work environment.

Therefore we invested in this aspect of our offer as well which makes us one and only with this offer in Montenegro.

Experience proved that doing FM separately from Design can bring over only troubles and lack of functionality. Not to mention the cost of repeated works, enhancements and repairs. Fit out designers should involve FM managers in their work in as early stage as possible, but, let's be honest, it's a rare occasion.

Therefore, we offer everything in one place: design professionals who work with FM experts accordingly, at the concept stage of the works. Only with the joint expertise of all our teams you can get the living area or office environment which will on a long run fulfill all your projections, needs and expectations.

In case we omitted to mention,  our team consists of the financial consultants as well.

Having your needs and budget in mind, we will break your cost items down line by line; from projected plan and costs to design and delivery.

And don't forget-we are not subcontractors, we are your „partners in crime“. While launching refurbishing or fit out of your home or office, we will make sure that the  project is delivered timely and to budget.