The calculation is simple: When you reveal maintenance and facility services to us, you will breathe easier and have time for your family, work, life as a whole.

Let’s simplify. Let every obligation of yours starts and ends up with payment of your bill every month.

Lean back and relax since we have enough professionals and deep expertise to self-perform all maintenance services.

You will finally have peace of mind knowing every bit of your residential or commercial space is being cared for according to the highest international standards.

We are here to:

  • Regularly clean buildings and commercial areas with state-of-art technique and equipment  and with well-trained staff.
  • Cover maintenance of garage areas, staircases, areas in front of buildings, cleaning of glass surface such as windows, balconies, etc.

Speaking about, we pride ourselves to use the last word in the area of glass surface cleaning from outside. Our Akvila alpinists are in charge of this technique.

Freely raise your expectations as we will fulfill them with our state of art technology, technically fully enabled workforce and modern equipment.

You can save money, protect your home and investment while being assured of  punctuality, transparency, screening, and training of our staff.

Find out how we can help you make a lasting impression on business and private visitors every day, with nice and neat, cleaned and maintained areas.