You feel like you are fed up of seeing litter in your building entrance. The elevator doesn’t work for the third time this week and nobody wants to deal with the missing extinguisher case? In order to understand you, we have  put ourselves in your shoes and carefully inspected the market over the years. We are taking into consideration whole object -We handle everything from the parking space to the rooftop, since we are well aware this is not a perfectionism but a need.

Our operating philosophy became (y)our living philosophy, while every single strategy of our flows perfectly with your day to day demands.

Therefore, we make market analysis, case studies and surveys, we create long term and short term strategy of our actions and investment plans, we ask you and perform for you, we create new rules and practices. However we also make sure everything is aligned with rules and regulations: i.e.we (unhappily but importantly) apply penalties for those who are not cooperative, ( i.e. someone doesn’t pay for facility management)

We want you all to be primus inter pares and equally happy with our work.